President & Commissioner Roger Mason Jr.


President & Commissioner

Roger Mason Jr. is currently President/Commissioner of the BIG3.  As the former first Deputy Executive Director for the National Basketball Players Association, he is one of the leading authorities on the rights and issues surrounding professional basketball players. As the founder and CEO of multiple successful startup companies, a tenured professional athlete, and a dedicated philanthropist, Roger Mason, Jr. has dedicated his life to investing, developing, and impacting the lives of people. He has proved his ability to elevate businesses to new heights and excels as a consult in marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, and professional leadership development. 

Roger Mason, Jr. was the first solo Deputy Executive Director for the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), the union for professional athletes who play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). In this capacity, he was second in command at the NBPA, overseeing player relations, player programs, and career development. In addition, Roger contributed to marketing, branding and new business development efforts for players. With a hefty interest in creating business opportunities in technology, Roger ensured that the NBPA would be the most technologically advanced organization in professional sports. His primary responsibility was to guarantee that players have ample information and resources to succeed on the court, in the community, in business, and most importantly, in life.

Appointed to this role in 2014, Roger quickly made an impact within the organization. During his first year, Roger spearheaded the inaugural Players Award show, where NBA athletes honored fellow players and coaches in the league.

As a veteran professional basketball player with over 12 years of experience, both domestically and internationally, Roger has an extraordinary understanding for player issues. This context has helped him champion healthcare initiatives and policy for retired players, that will supply health insurance for all retired NBA players.

During his 11-year tenure in the NBA, Roger served as a Player Representative, an Executive Committee member, and was elected to serve as the First Vice President for the NBPA. In these capacities, he was instrumental in guiding players through the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations and became a strong advocate for issues concerning player education. In 2014, players rallied behind him when he demanded that the NBA force Donald Sterling to resign and sell the Los Angeles Clippers due to Sterling’s racially charged comments. These experiences formed his vision for redefining the union and led Roger to serve on the Executive Director’s Search Committee, which ultimately appointed Michele Roberts, the first woman to lead a North American professional sports union.

Concurrently with his involvement in the NBPA and NBA, Roger validated his high business acumen by developing multiple startups including a Washington D.C. based entertainment company that hosted exclusive events. Through the success of those ventures and his adoration for music, Roger was empowered to launch Weight Records, a music production and talent management agency. Weight Records reached unprecedented success in three short years, fueled by a joint venture with Universal Republic, a division of Universal Music Group.

As the son of a prominent ophthalmologist and philanthropist, Roger was exposed to community service at a young age. To honor his father’s legacy, Roger and his family partnered with the Howard University Department of Ophthalmology and the College of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education, to present the annual Roger P. Mason, Sr., M.D. Glaucoma Symposium. In addition, the Masons’ give an annual award to fund and further glaucoma research.

Roger serves on the board of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, his high school Alma Mater. Additionally, Roger is a member of the NBA Legends Foundation board, an organization that provides assistance and education to former NBA players facing hardships. He also created his own nonprofit organization, the Roger Mason Jr. Foundation. This nonprofit was established to raise money for various charitable causes and organizations, including the National Kidney Foundation.

Roger Mason, Jr. majored in architecture while attending the University of Virginia and played three years of Division I basketball. In his spare time, Roger enjoys golf and fishing and is a self proclaimed outdoors man. As a classically trained pianist, Roger has been known to play at industry events. Roger currently resides in Alpine, New Jersey with his wife and two children. He is a devoted husband, father and Christian.


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