Standard 2 and 3 point shots apply 

Exclusive 4 point shots when a player is touching ANY PART of the “4 Point Circle” 

Additional free throw taken if a player is fouled while making a shot 

A shooting foul will receive the number of shots corresponding to the missed attempt (2, 3, 4 points) 

All personal fouls will be counted as team fouls: No foul outs. 

On and after the 5th team foul (per half) opponents get 2 shots and ball possession

A technical foul results in 2 foul shots & the ball. Every technical foul after the first results in 4 foul shots & ball possession 

First team to 60 Points wins 

Half-time happens after a team scores 30 Points 

Team must win by 4 Points 

Substitutions made on a dead ball or by calling time

After a made shot, referee must touch the ball. After giving the defense :03 seconds to set, losers (opposing team) must take ball beyond the top out of bounds line. Player has :05 seconds to return ball inbounds

Defensive rebounds (that touch the rim) MUST BE CLEARED

The ball is cleared when the player with the ball establishes both feet behind the 3 point line. The ball can be cleared by dribbling or passing

The defensive rebounder that makes a direct pass that clears the ball, must clear the lane and re-establish himself before his team's shot or pass hits the rim

If a shot or pass hits the rim without being cleared it will result in a turnover

Once a team has cleared the ball and establishes itself on offense, the normal “3 seconds in the key” rule applies

There is no defensive "3 second" rule

Steals do not have to be cleared

Defensive rebounds that don’t touch the rim do not have to be cleared

Instant replay applies

All defensive strategies allowed


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