Big 3

By Craig Ellenport

We wondered aloud last week if the return of Mr. Big Shot, Chauncey Billups, would mean fewer points for his Killer 3s teammate, Stephen Jackson. We pointed out that Jackson had averaged 21.7 ppg in three games without Billups, but the average dipped to 18 in two games with him.

So what happened in game 6? No letup for Jackson – he scored 23 in the Killer 3s’ big win over the Ball Hogs, and he remains second in the BIG3 in scoring at 21.0 ppg. Billups, on the other hand, was a bit rusty in his return to the floor, finishing with 8 points – though he did sink his fourth 4-pointer of the season.

Expect Billups to shake off the rust and have a big game this week as the Killer 3s take on 3’s Company. But regardless of your preference between the Killer 3s’ two big scorers, keep in mind that neither of them is the team’s best fantasy producer. That honor belongs to Reggie Evans.

Evans is miles ahead of the rest of the league in total rebounds, and that has fueled his climb to fifth on the list of top fantasy leaders. He remains the only BIG3 player averaging double digits in both points and rebounds.

Thanks to his 15 points and 18 rebounds last week, Evans scored 33.5 fantasy points. That would have been good for top fantasy producer most weeks, but not with the monster game produced by Andre Owens of 3’s Company. Owens (25 points including four 3-pointers, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block and 1 steal) put up a mammoth 45.5 fantasy points, which also vaulted him to the top spot among fantasy scorers for the season.

You can check the entire fantasy leaderboard here. These are the top 10 fantasy producers for the season:

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                         180

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                        152.5

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters              149.5

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                142

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s                                137

James White, Trilogy                                   128.5

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                    122.5

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                  120.5 

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s                           120

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs                              118


It’s easy to see how Owens has become the leading fantasy scorer. He is the only BIG3 player ranked in the top 6 in points, rebounds, assists and steals.

Points Scored/Game

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters             22.5

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s                          21.0

Cuttino Mobley, Power                               20.0

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                            18.2

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                 15.7

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                         15.5

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers                           15.0

Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs                             14.8

Chauncey Billups, Killer 3s                          14.7

Mike James, Tri-State                                  14.3

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                       14.3

Total 3-Pointers

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                       21

Rasual Butler, Power                                  17

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                         13

Mike James, Tri-State                                  11

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs                              11

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                             11

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                10

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                    9

Total Rebounds

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s                                74

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                         48

Jerome Williams, Power                             47

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters             43

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters             41

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State                                 39

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers                        37

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                 36

James White, Trilogy                                  35

Cuttino Mobley, Power                               33


Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers                                       20

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters             17

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                                    17

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                          17

Ivan Johnson, Ghost Ballers                                   15

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                            14

Mike James, Tri-State                                             14

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters                         13

James White, Trilogy                                              13

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                                  13


Cuttino Mobley, Power                                            6

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters              6

Mike James, Tri-State                                              6

Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs                                          6

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters                          5

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers                                        5

Kwame Brown, 3-Headed Monsters                          5

Andre Owens, 3’s Company                                     5


Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters                          6

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                               6

Josh Childress, Ball Hogs                                        4

Reggie Evans, Killer 3s                                            4

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                           4

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                                         4

Rasual Butler, Ball Hogs                                          4

Lou Amundson, Tri-State                                         4



Four more double-doubles in Week 6: Reggie Evans (15 points, 18 rebounds), Bonzi Wells (13, 11), Rasual Butler (14, 12), and Andre Owens (25, 11). For Evans, it was his league-leading fourth double-double of the season.


Four 4-point shots were made in Week 6 (4-for-14). Billups, having only played three games this season, is the only BIG3 player averaging 1 4-pointer per game. Rashad McCants became the fifth player to hit more than one for the season.

There are now 11 players who have hit at least one 4-pointer:

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers                            5

Chauncey Billups, Killer 3s                          4

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company                   3

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters              2

Rashad McCants, Trilogy                             2

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs                              1

Cuttino Mobley, Power                                1

Mike James, Tri-State                                  1

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s                          1

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                       1

Xavier Silas, Ball Hogs                                 1


As a reminder, game-winning shots are worth 4 fantasy points. Mo Evans, in his first game since being traded to the Killer 3s, hit a game-winning shot – his only 2 points of the game. … Rashard Lewis hit his third game-winner of the season, tying him with DeShawn Stevenson and Al Harrington for the league lead.

Of the 15 players who have hit game-winning shots this season, six players have done it more than once. They are:

DeShawn Stevenson, Power                                   3

Al Harrington, Trilogy                                             3

Rashard Lewis, 3-Headed Monsters                         3

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, 3-Headed Monsters             2

Ricky Davis, Ghost Ballers                                       2

James White, Trilogy                                              2

Others who have hit one game-winner:

DerMarr Johnson, 3’s Company

Cuttino Mobley, Power

Derrick Byars, Ball Hogs

Mike Bibby, Ghost Ballers

Stephen Jackson, Killer 3s

Dion Glover, Trilogy

Bonzi Wells, Tri-State

Andre Owens, 3’s Company          

Mo Evans, Killer 3s


  • With Rasual Butler traded to Power last week, we wondered if he and DeShawn Stevenson would be fighting for playing time, and thus points. That may yet happen, but an early injury to Jerome Williams last week created necessity for both players to stay hot. And they did. Butler and Stevenson both finished among the top six fantasy scorers of Week 6. With Junkyard Dog out a couple more weeks, expect more of the same.
  • Rashard Lewis remains the BIG3’s leading scorer at 22.5 ppg. He joins Owens as the only players in the top 8 in points, rebounds and assists. He is also tied for first in blocks and tied for second in steals.
  • Overall, four players are among the top 10 in points, rebounds and assists: Owens, Lewis, Cuttino Mobley and Al Harrington.

By Andre Owens

Word to the wise: Don’t get in my way.

I will conquer everything that’s put in front of me. I will silence all critics. That’s why I’ve decided to change my name. No more Andre Owens. From now on, call me Rambo. No last name. Just Rambo.

They call him the Howard Cosell of the BIG3 for good reason. Michael Rapaport and Gerald Moody promised to BLOW YOUR MINDS on the live stage in Dallas, TX. To do so, they brought out an all star roster of special guests from the BIG3, featuring Mike Bibby, Rashard Lewis, Brian Scalabrine, Roger Mason Jr., Ice Cube, Gary Payton, Charles Oakley and DeShawn Stevenson. 

Andre Owens has been named the Player of the Week following his game-winning performance in Dallas.